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Land Rover

Explore in comfort and style when you rent a Range Rover in Miami from EMC Exotic Rentals – the #1-rated Miami Range Rover car rental resource.

A Brief History

In 1970, Land Rover launched one of their most famous vehicle models, the Range Rover, and it has since kept up with modern trends. Range Rover’s technology maintains a reputation of luxury, utility, off-road capability, innovation, fuel efficiency, performance, comfort, and convenience.

Our Range Rover Rentals

Miami is recognized for its countless recreational activities. Need reliable wheels and hassle-free car rental services during your stay? Our popular Range Rover rentals in Miami are a stylish, comfortable, functional, and spacious choice.

All of our Miami Range Rover car rentals include:

  • Rear seats with increased recline and deeper cushioning for comfort.
  • All-round exterior energy-efficient LED headlights.
  • Fuel-efficient all-wheel drive (AWD) system: Directed power to all 4 wheels yielding more traction, maximum grip, and better performance for safer handling. Perfect if you plan to do any outdoor adventuring or extensive traveling while in Miami.
  • Touch Pro Duo: 2 x 10” dual high-definition touchscreens for simultaneous interaction with multiple features for convenience and ease of use.
  • Windshield driver technology: 12” high-definition interactive head-up display presents you with key vehicle data, such as navigation, speed, and gear position while you’re focused on the road.
  • Suspension: Electronic air suspension components consist of: height sensors in each corner to detect distance from the ground, an air compressor and storage tank to store and filter air, and an electronic control unit to regulate the system settings – allowing you to adjust the height of the vehicle.

Why Choose EMC Exotic Rentals

  • A variety of exotic, exclusive car brands in addition to a full-service concierge group.
  • Consistent service excellence and tailored business hours guarantee all our customers and members a first-class, personalized experience, from the booking process to our chauffeur service.
  • Convenience! Visiting Miami and in need of a Range Rover rental at Miami’s airport? No problem – we are located only minutes away so every second of your visit can be enjoyed in luxury.

Contact us today to book your Miami Range Rover rental, or ask us a question! We’ll provide you with an effortless driving pleasure that’s out of this world!

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